Rated Doors

Custom 60 Minute Door Paul Laxuact Bldg. Carson City, Nevada

Fire Doors We can custom manufacture almost any Fire Door that your Architectural Designs require. You can choose a 20, 60, or 90 minute rating with a negative or positive pressure rating, and you can choose from a variety of glasses. You also can choose a jamb to go along with your fire door.

View Our Maximum Size Fire Door Chart

20 Minute Rated Doors - Positive or Negative pressure

60 Minute Rated Doors - Positive Pressure

60 Minute Rated Doors - Negative Pressure

90 Minute Rated Doors - Positive pressure

90 Minute Rated Doors - Negative pressure

20 Minute Jambs - Positive or Negative pressure

60 & 90 Minute Jambs - Positive or Negative pressure

View our fire door size chart or learn more about negative and positive pressure.
See the Jamb Section for fire jamb profiles.

Made in the USA